Soltan Inline Gas Heater

Process Technology

Introducing the Soltan2 Inline Gas Heater from Process Technology, a state-of-the-art solution designed to significantly improve product times in various drying applications. Ideal for wafer processing, solvent drying, and surface finishing, the Soltan Inline Gas Heater excels in delivering superior temperature stability, even with changes in flow. The Soltan2 model, in particular, is adept at safely heating nitrogen and other clean gases through indirect contact, enhancing drying times and overall production efficiency.

Optimised Gas Heating

Heated nitrogen or other clean gases reduce drying time, thereby improving production times in critical processes.

Safe and Indirect Heating Method

The Soltan2 is specially designed for indirect heating of process gas, avoiding direct immersion and ensuring the safety and integrity of the gas.

Durable Construction

Features 316 stainless steel wetted surfaces, with the gas pathway through a stainless tube embedded in a cast aluminium heating block, ensuring durability and longevity.

Explosion-Resistant Design

Equipped with an explosion-resistant cast aluminium electrical enclosure, providing an additional layer of safety and reliability.

Superior Temperature Stability

Maintains exceptional temperature stability despite changes in gas flow, ensuring consistent heating performance.

Advanced Safety Features

Includes redundant temperature sensors and dual element thermocouples for safe operation. The replaceable, hermetically sealed high limit thermal cutoff device (TCO) also enhances safety.

Efficient Insulation

The insulated housing minimises heat loss, ensuring energy efficiency and safety.


Up to 2,859 kPa (400 PSI)


2kW to 9kW


120 to 600 volts, Single phase or 3 phase


CE, ETL (Tested to UL 823, UL 499 compliant and CSA C22.2). Rated for Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.

Specialised Applications

  • N2 (Nitrogen) Heating
    • Ideal for applications requiring the heating of nitrogen gas.
  • CDA (Clean Dry Air) Heating
    • Perfectly suited for heating clean dry air in various industrial processes.
  • Heating of Non-Flammable Gases
    • Versatile enough to heat a variety of non-flammable gases in different industrial settings.

The Soltan2 Inline Gas Heater by Process Technology represents a leap forward in gas heating technology. With its focus on safety, efficiency, and superior temperature stability, it is an invaluable asset for industries requiring precise gas heating. Whether for wafer processing, solvent drying, or surface finishing, the Soltan Inline Gas Heater ensures that your operations are not only efficient but also safe and reliable. Choose Soltan for a streamlined, effective solution in your gas heating needs.

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