Dual Zone MegPie


Experience a new dimension of cleaning and sonochemical processing with the Prosys Dual Zone MegPie – a revolutionary single-wafer Megasonic transducer designed to transform your process efficiency and dramatically reduce processing times, all while accommodating multiple substrate sizes within a single chamber.

Multisubstrate Versatility

Elevate your versatility with the Dual Zone MegPie, catering to various substrate sizes within a single chamber. Processes two substrate sizes seamlessly: 150/200, 200/300, or 300/450mm.

Particle-Neutral Sapphire Resonator

Enjoy impeccable results with a particle-neutral sapphire resonator that leaves no trace of added particles in your processes, ensuring the purity and integrity of your output.

Patented Crystal Bond and RF Connection

Witness the pinnacle of engineering with our patented crystal bond and RF connection. Enjoy unparalleled stability and performance, yielding consistent and exceptional results.

Redundant Internal RTP Temperature Monitoring

Trust in precision with redundant internal RTP temperature monitoring. Maintain optimal conditions for your processes with confidence and ease.

Custom Sizes Available

Tailor your solution to your needs with custom sizes available, ensuring your Dual Zone MegPie aligns seamlessly with your unique process requirements.

Chemistry Compatibility

The sapphire resonator is designed to be compatible with all processing chemistries, offering unparalleled flexibility across various industries and applications.

Uniform Direct Acoustic Energy

Immerse yourself in the perfection of uniform direct acoustic energy application. Achieve results marked by consistency and precision, raising the bar for process efficiency.

Enhanced Efficiency & Reduced Process Time

Turbocharge your operations with increased efficiency and reduced process time. The Dual Zone MegPie streamlines your workflow, empowering you to achieve more in less time.

Economical Process Chemistry Usage

Witness the impact of smart technology on your bottom line. Experience reduced process chemistry usage, saving resources and optimising costs.

Maintenance-Free Design

Say goodbye to the hassle of maintenance. With no moving parts to worry about, the Dual Zone MegPie offers a maintenance-free solution that keeps your operations smooth.

Outperforming Traditional Approaches

Embrace a future that surpasses traditional methods. The Dual Zone MegPie works better than brushes, eliminating the need for consumables and offering superior results.

Processes Supported

  • Post-CMP
  • TSV
  • Pre-SOIC Bond Clean
  • SU-8 Develop
  • Lift-Off
  • Resist Strip
  • LIGA Processes
  • Mask Cleaning
  • Etch Assist
  • Plating Pre-Cleaning
  • Pre-Plating Bubble Removal
  • Post-Laser Cleaning.

Experience the transformative capabilities of the Prosys Dual Zone MegPie – an embodiment of innovation, performance, and the future of multisubstrate processing excellence. Discover the potential, elevate your operations, and embrace a new era of precision. Explore the product details and unleash the power of the Dual Zone MegPie today.

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