Fortrend PLM Series SMIF Pod Openers

The Fortrend PLM series is engineered for seamless integration with OEM customer's EFEMs and process tools, providing an ISO Class 1 environment for SMIF pod opening. Each product in the PLM series maintains a small footprint and employs an all-electrical system with programmable software, aiming to optimise space efficiency and cleanliness in semiconductor fabrication environments.

  • PLM 150Rx

    The Fortrend PLM 150Rx automates the opening of 150mm SEMI E111 single and E112 multiple reticle SMIF pods. Once the pod cover is unlocked, it lifts to grant access to reticles for the host tool’s robot. Features include mapping, RFID readers, and a compact design to conserve fab floor space. This model meets SEMI E19.3, E111, E112, E117, S2, S8 standards and is CE certified. Additional features include an optional integral RFID reader/writer and compatibility with multiple and single SMIF 150 pods.

    Download Fortrend PLM 150Rx Datasheet

  • PLM 150W

    The Fortrend PLM 150W model simplifies the process of accessing 150mm SEMI E19.3 wafer SMIF pods. After unlocking and lifting the pod cover, wafers become accessible within the cassette. It includes mapping and RFID readers.

  • PLM 200Rx

    This Fortrend PLM 200Rx facilitates the opening of 200mm SEMI E100 single reticle SMIF pods, enhancing access with a lift mechanism after unlocking. It features an 80N force application for E152 pod doors and includes sensors to detect pod type and reticle presence. The design offers a small footprint and high cleanliness standards. It’s compatible with SEMI E19.4, E100, E152, E117, S2, S8 standards and is CE certified, with optional RFID functionality.

    Download Fortrend PLM 200Rx Datasheet

  • PLM 200W

    Fortrend PLM200W, designed for 200mm SEMI E19.4 wafer SMIF pods, unlocks and lifts the pod cover for easy wafer access. This device includes an optional SEMI E84 controller for OHT integration, a wafer protrusion sensor, and meets rigorous industry standards. It also has the capacity for a manual load port adapter conversion to accommodate SMIF stations.

    Download Fortrend PLM 200W Datasheet

  • PLM EUV Dual

    The Fortrend PLM EUV Dual opener handles both SEMI E152 EUV and E100 SMIF pods, automating the unlocking and lifting of pod doors. It utilises “Info Pads” to determine pod types, ensuring precise handling with optional RFID and purge systems. The opener is also equipped with multiple sensors for enhanced pod and reticle management.

    Download Fortrend PLM EUV Dual Datasheet

  • PLM Open Cassette

    Designed for manual operations, the Fortrend PLM Open Cassette allows for the loading of reticle or wafer cassettes directly onto a load port stage inside a sealed load lock. It features cassette and protrusion sensors and includes a tilt table for accurate cassette alignment.

    Download Fortrend PLM Open Cassette Datasheet