P8000 Advanced Linear Track System

C&D Semiconductor

C&D Semiconductor P8000 Advanced Linear Track System

Discover the C&D Semiconductor P8000 Advanced Linear Track System, a state-of-the-art linear wafer processing solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern semiconductor manufacturing. This system combines sophisticated engineering with customisable functionality, making it an essential asset for any fabrication facility. The C&D Semiconductor P8000 Advanced Linear Track System can process substrates from 50mm to 200mm.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility

The new P8000 Advanced Linear Track System control system represents a significant improvement over the SVG 8X card cage interface, featuring a fully digital control box developed by C&D. Managed through a user-friendly PC interface, this system offers enhanced control capabilities through the advanced smartPro software. This intuitive software facilitates easy recipe creation and provides comprehensive machine status insights, significantly reducing programming errors and increasing operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Functionality

Equipped with powerful Rabbit Microprocessors and an intuitive graphical user interface, the P8000 offers a broad range of functions. These include expanded recipe storage, detailed data logging, a manual exercise mode for component testing, and extensive system networking capabilities. Such features allow maintenance staff and engineers to take complete control of the tool for diagnostics and training, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Modular Design for Diverse Applications

Designed to process substrates from 50mm to 200mm, the P8000 can be outfitted with a variety of modules to suit most processing needs, including:

  • Multiple photoresist spin coaters or spin developers
  • Vapour prime modules
  • Hot plates
  • Chill plates
  • Scrubber/Lift-Off options
  • Alloy module

This versatility allows the P8000 to be configured as a coater, developer, vapour prime, bake, chill, with scrubber/lift-off & alloy module options, or any combination thereof, capable of handling a wide range of photoresist spin coating and photosensitive polymer applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Substrate Compatibility: Processes substrates from 50 mm to 200 mm.
  • Upgraded ATS arms: For improved repeatability.
  • smartPro GUI: Simplify operations with an intuitive interface that supports barcode and recipe downloads, enhancing ease of use.
  • Low Turbulence Catch Cup: Minimise contamination and ensure clean processing environments.
  • EU Compliance: The system meets CE mark standards, ensuring it complies with European Union safety and health requirements.

Customisable Options to Meet Every Need

  • Vapour Atmosphere Dispense Arm: Prevents drying and ensures consistent application of materials.
  • Custom Chemical Cabinets: Safely store and manage chemicals within the system.
  • Top Full Enclosure: Provides additional safety and contamination control.
  • Dual-Size Bridging: Easily switch between different substrate sizes without hardware modifications.
  • Sub-Micron Capability: Ideal for advanced applications requiring high precision.
  • High-Performance Motors with Digital Controller: Ensures uniform and reliable processing across all operations.
  • Flood Expose: Offers additional processing capabilities to meet diverse manufacturing needs.
  • SECS/GEM Compliance: Ensures compatibility with global standards for equipment communication.

The C&D Semiconductor P8000 Advanced Linear Track System is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance productivity and adapt to the evolving needs of the semiconductor industry.

Contact us today to discover how the P8000 Advanced Linear Track System can be tailored to optimise your wafer processing operations.

P8000 Options

Spin Coater Options

  • C&D exhaust controller for precise process control
  • Fire suppression packages available
  • Temperature control photoresist and dispense
  • Additional backside rinses
  • Multiple syringe dispenses capability
  • Multiple pump dispenses capability
  • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change
  • Round & square substrates
  • Environmental control unit (ECU)
  • Custom resist bottle caps

Spin Developer Options

  • Temperature controlled chemistry dispenses
  • Multiple developers for separate chemistry
  • Solvent/aspirated develop
  • Multiple nozzle options (Spray – Stream )

Hot Plate Options

  • Open hot plate (Standard)
  • Vacuum bake
  • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change

Chill Plate Options

  • Anodised aluminium contact plate
  • Circulated water
  • High-efficiency option
  • House water supply or electronic heating/cooling circulator
  • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change

Vapour Prime Options

  • Closed lid with chemistry purge
  • Sealed vacuum operation
  • Multiple wafer sizes without hardware change
  • Includes 1 gallon pressure canister for HMDS

Scrubber Options

  • High pressure clean
  • Heated fluids
  • DI water doping for ESD control
  • Wafer scrub brushes – multiple options
  • Multiple chemical dispenses

Alloy Module

  • Process temperatures up to 500C
  • Closed lid operation
  • Integrated nitrogen cooling ring
  • Multiple purge gases through chemical manifold
  • Adjustable process height using programmable lift pins
  • Alternative to traditional RTA oven methods

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