Wafer Processing Equipment

Welcome to the forefront of semiconductor, nanotechnology and biotechnology wafer processing equipment innovation – your gateway to precision and excellence in demanding applications from R&D through to manufacturing. SiSTEM Technology has the great pleasure of distributing wafer processing equipment from Cost Effective Equipment, who lead the industry with their high-precision semiconductor wafer process tools, offering a comprehensive range of solutions including spin coaters, spin developers/cleaners, bake/hot plates, temporary wafer bonders, and wafer debonders.

Originally known as Brewer Science, who evolved into a materials company, Cost Effect Equipment Apogee spin coaters, spin developers and spin cleaners as well as hot plates and chill plates are trusted by experts worldwide for their exceptional performance in applications such as photoresist and anti-reflective coatings, e-beam resists, sol-gels, packaging adhesives, dielectrics, and more. With decades of experience in coating and baking semiconductor wafers, MEMS devices, flat panel displays, photomasks, and bio-medical devices, our CEE products offer unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

Cutting-Edge Wafer Processing Technology

Our equipment incorporates the latest advancements in semiconductor wafer processing, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the industry.

Precision and Consistency

Achieve production-quality results with our equipment, eliminating the need for costly rework.

High Reliability

Our spin coaters, spin developers and spin cleaners feature digital indirect spindle drive technology, addressing common issues like chuck heating and motor reliability.

Comprehensive Support

From spin chucks to automatic dispense systems and programmable exhaust controls, we offer a wide range of accessories to customise your spin coater, and so enhance your processes.

Spin Developer Excellence

Cost Effective Equipment Apogee spin developer systems provide stable and repeatable pattern development, suitable for the most demanding applications.

Industry-Standard Bake Plates

Cost Effective Equipment Apogee bake plates and chill plates deliver uniformity and repeatability, eliminating process variables.

Customised Solutions

The CEE X-Pro-II Workstation offers an integrated approach to wafer processing, designed to fit your specific needs.

We understand that consistency and yield are paramount in semiconductor manufacturing, which is why top semiconductor, nanotechnology & biotechnology researchers and manufacturers worldwide specify CEE equipment for their cleanrooms and laboratories.

Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Temporary Bonders and Debonders are designed to protect your high-value substrates, offering void-free vacuum bonding and Total Thickness Variation (TTV) control. The CEE 1300CSX Thermal Slide Debonder provides a significant improvement over chemical release debonding, while the Apogee Mechanical Wafer Debonder minimises thermal and mechanical stress. These tools are especially suited for compound semiconductors, wafer-thinning processes, and wafer-level packaging.

Let our team of experts assist you in selecting the right materials, processes, and wafer processing equipment to meet your unique requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle of sourcing from multiple vendors – the Cee X-Pro-II Workstation offers a fully integrated solution, customised to your wafer processing needs.

Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey of innovation and excellence together!

Wafer Processing Products