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X-Pro II Workstation: Integrated Wafer Processing

The Cost Effective Equipment X-Pro II Workstation is your one-stop solution for advanced wafer processing. The Cost Effective Equipment X-Pro II Workstation revolutionises wafer processing by delivering an integrated, easy-to-use solution that eliminates the complexities traditionally associated with sourcing equipment from multiple vendors. Purpose-built with spin coater, spin developer and/or bake plate modules in any order/configuration of your choice, the X-Pro II is built to streamline operations in universities, research & development laboratories as well fabrication facilities. Ready to operate straight out of the box, this system is designed to replace conventional wet bench systems, offering a comprehensive approach to wafer processing that integrates fume control, chemical storage, and waste management into a single, cleanroom-compatible unit.

Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating multiple tools and systems. The Cost Effective Equipment X-Pro II Workstation simplifies your workflow by providing a single, integrated tool that caters to a wide range of processing needs. Whether you require a system for a clean environment, fume control, or both, the X-Pro II is equipped to meet your specifications with ease and efficiency.

What Are the Key Benefits of the X-Pro II Workstation?

Plug and Play Convenience

Be operational almost immediately with a system that’s ready to go as soon as it arrives.

Fully Integrated Solution

Enjoy the simplicity of a unified workstation, complete with tools and service/installation, all from one source.

Customisable Design

Tailor the X-Pro II to your specific needs, ensuring that your workstation perfectly fits your processing requirements.

Features of the X-Pro II Workstation

Exhaust Options

Choose between a Ducted Exhaust Enclosure for superior fume control or a HEPA-ULPA Fan Filter Unit for laminar downflow and cleanroom compatibility.

Flexible Configuration

Adapt your workstation to fit your workflow, with configurations available for one to four 200 mm modules, one to two 300 mm modules, or a combination of both. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Integrated Waste Management

Features waste bottle containment with optional drain bottles, ensuring safe and efficient disposal of chemical waste.

Secure Storage

An exhausted drawer provides a ventilated space for storing materials, pressure vessels, and more, keeping your workspace organised and safe.

Built-In Yellow LED Lighting

You’ll enjoy excellent visibility, enhancing the ease of operation throughout the wafer processing tasks.

Enhanced Operator Safety

A protective sash ensures a clean environment, effective fume containment, and operator safety during use.

Field Expandability for Future Growth

Understanding that your needs may evolve, the X-Pro II Workstation is designed with flexibility in mind. Field-expandable modules can be added at any time, allowing your workstation to grow and adapt alongside your processing requirements. This feature ensures that your investment remains relevant and valuable, providing scalability that traditional systems simply cannot match.


  • Size: 64” W × 37” D × 85” H (162.56 cm W × 93.98 cm D × 215.90 cm H)
  • Weight: 750 lb (340 kg), designed for stability and ease of integration

The Cost Effective Equipment X-Pro II Workstation is represents a huge step forward for wafer processing solutions, offering unmatched integration, flexibility, and efficiency. By consolidating essential processing functions into a single, cohesive system, the X-Pro II allows you to focus on what truly matters: advancing your research and production goals. With its customisable design, comprehensive feature set, and plug-and-play convenience, the X-Pro II Workstation is poised to set a new standard in wafer processing technology.

Contact us if you have any questions, and see how the Cost Effective Equipment X-Pro II can replace a traditional wet bench system, with fully customisable spin coat, spin develop and/or bake plate modules, thus revolutionising your wafer processing and help you achieve exceptional results.

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