Spin Developer for Photoresist Processing

Spin developers stand at the forefront of precision material processing, offering a sophisticated method for developing photoresist in semiconductor fabrication and other applications requiring meticulous pattern accuracy. This technology leverages the principles of centrifugal force to apply developer solutions onto substrates, ensuring uniform distribution and precise control over development processes.

Spin developers are specialised equipment used in wafer processing and designed to control the application of developer solution on substrates such as silicon wafers or glass plates. They are pivotal in the photolithography process, where photoresist patterns are developed to create microelectronic circuits and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). The precision and uniformity in the development phase are crucial for achieving high-resolution patterns essential for modern electronic devices.

Key Benefits of Spin Developing

Precision and Uniformity

Spin developers ensure uniform application of developer solutions, crucial for achieving precise control over feature sizes in photolithography. This uniformity is vital for the production of semiconductor devices, where even minor inconsistencies can lead to device failure.

Efficiency and Reduced Waste

By precisely controlling the amount of developer solution used, spin developers minimise waste and reduce the consumption of chemicals. This not only lowers operational costs but also aligns with sustainable manufacturing practices.

Compatibility and Flexibility

Designed with chemical compatibility in mind, spin developers can handle a wide range of developer solutions and substrates sizes, making them adaptable to various manufacturing processes. Their programmable nature allows for customisation and optimisation of development cycles to meet specific process requirements.

Enhanced Process Control

With advanced features like programmable dispensing patterns, adjustable spin speeds, and integrated process monitoring, spin developers offer unparalleled control over the development process. This leads to higher yields and consistency in manufacturing.

Industries and Applications

Semiconductor Manufacturing

In the semiconductor industry, spin developers play a critical role in the photolithography process, where they are used to develop intricate patterns on silicon wafers. These patterns form the basis of integrated circuits and microchips, foundational components of electronic devices.


Spin developers are also used in the fabrication of solar cells, where uniform layers of photoresist are essential for creating efficient energy-converting devices. Their precision is key to producing solar panels with high energy conversion efficiencies.

MEMS and Nanotechnology

For MEMS and nanotechnology applications, spin developers facilitate the creation of microscale and nanoscale devices. These include sensors, actuators, and other microelectronic components, where precise patterning significantly impacts performance and reliability.

Biotechnology and Medical Devices

In biotechnology and the production of medical devices, spin developers assist in the patterning of biosensors and diagnostic chips. The ability to create precise, uniform coatings is crucial for the sensitivity and specificity of these devices.

Spin developers represent a critical advancement in the field of material processing, offering precision, efficiency, and flexibility across a range of industries. From semiconductor fabrication to biotechnology, the benefits of spin developing contribute significantly to the advancement of technology and the production of high-quality, reliable products. As industries continue to demand higher precision and efficiency, the role of spin developers will undoubtedly expand, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in material processing and manufacturing.

Why Buy CEE Spin Developers?

Discover unparalleled safety, durability, and innovation with a Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developers, reaching new heights of efficiency and reliability.

Enhanced Safety Features for a Secure Environment

Cost Effective Equipment’s Spin Developers are engineered with your safety in mind, incorporating advanced safety features that set a new standard in the industry. The integration of a digital MEMS sensor to monitor the spin chuck vacuum ensures the spin process halts if the vacuum weakens, guaranteeing the stability of your wafers. A lid interlock mechanism adds an extra layer of safety, preventing operation when the spinner lid is open, while vibration sensing technology adeptly detects off-centre wafers, minimising potential mishaps.

To further enhance the safety of your workspace, CEE Spin Developers come equipped with built-in drain and fume exhaust systems, designed to safely expel waste chemicals and capture fumes during the spin process. Optional enhancements include a waste bottle full sensor system to prevent overflow and a programmable exhaust flow management feature, ensuring a clean and safe operating environment. Additionally, the DataStream user management system restricts access to authorised personnel only, ensuring that your processes are both safe and secure.

Robust Durability for Long-Term Performance

Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developers boast an indirect motor drive system, cleverly designed to prevent motor flooding and ensure the longevity of the device. The incorporation of oversized bearings and a belt drive, along with a brushless motor, underscore CEE’s commitment to durability. A Teflon solvent trap further protects the vacuum valve and sensor from contamination, while the device’s exterior, finished in semiconductor-grade white powder-coated stainless steel, stands as a testament to its robustness.

Innovative 4th Generation Spin Chamber Design

With 28 years of experience in semiconductor tool development, CEE’s 4th Generation Spin Chamber Design is a marvel of engineering. It offers a wide selection of spray and puddle nozzles, an integrated drain/exhaust separator for consistent airflow, and unmatched repeatability — wafer to wafer, hour to hour, day to day, across all machines. This level of sophistication in controls, combined with superior manufacturing quality systems, makes Cost Effective Equipment Spin Developers perfectly suited for both lab and fab environments.

Advanced Adjustable Nozzle Flow with Suckback Technology

Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developers feature an adjustable nozzle flow with suckback technology, utilising a 1-gallon (4-liter) reservoir and low-pressure N2 or air to ensure a steady flow of liquid. The dispense valve not only provides adjustable and repeatable flow control but also includes an integrated suckback valve to retract fluid post-dispense, effectively preventing dripping.

Precision Dispense Controls for Optimal Results

The dispense control box is the nerve center of Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developers, allowing for precise adjustments of reservoir pressure for developer pressure cans. This includes fine-tuning of the valve adjustments, flow rate, suckback volume, and suckback speed, ensuring you have complete control over the dispensing process for optimal results.

Cost Effective Equipment’s Apogee Spin Developers offer a superior solution for your manufacturing needs, combining safety, durability, and innovation in a package that is designed to enhance your operational efficiency and product quality. Experience the difference with CEE’s advanced spin developing technology, where precision meets reliability.

Get a quote today to see how the Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Developers will lift your processing to new heights of excellence. Trust in CEE’s proven track record and experience the difference that performance-driven technology can make in your operations. Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions before requesting a quote to discover how this state-of-the-art equipment can revolutionise your development processes and help you achieve exceptional outcomes.