Apogee Spin Developer

Cost Effective Equipment

Spin Developer Engineered To Setting New Benchmarks

The Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developer is engineered to set new benchmarks in the development process, combining precision, efficiency, and advanced technology to aid your wafer processing. This innovative system is tailored for users who demand the highest quality and control over their development processes, offering unparalleled access to in-depth process data and recipe creation capabilities.

Compact and Efficient Design

The Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developer is designed to maximise your workspace efficiency with its compact footprint. Despite its small size, this system does not compromise on performance or capability, making it an ideal choice for both research labs and production environments.

Unmatched Chemical Compatibility

Constructed with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) spin bowl, the Apogee Spin Developer ensures maximum chemical compatibility. This feature, combined with its durable benchtop or optional flange/deck mountable configuration, makes it a versatile solution for various development applications.

Advanced Development Options

The system offers an array of development options, including 90° direct-angle continuous or 45° side-angle spray nozzles and the ability to puddle develop, minimising material usage while maximising efficiency and quality.

Efficient Material Use

The system’s developer options are designed to minimise material usage, using 1-gallon pressure cans for developer solutions and supporting up to four spray or stream nozzles for precise application.

DI Water Rinse Capabilities

Incorporating both topside and backside DI water rinse options, the Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developer ensures thorough cleaning and preparation of substrates, enhancing the quality and consistency of the development process.

Customisable Process Control

With its advanced programmability, the Cost Effective Equipment Apogee Spin Developer allows for a virtually unlimited number of user-defined recipe program steps, offering a 0.1-second resolution for precise control over the development process.

High-Speed Capabilities

Achieve spin speeds up to 12,000 rpm with rapid acceleration, ensuring quick and consistent development across substrate sizes ranging from less than 1 cm to 200 mm round or 7” x 7” square.

Seamless Connectivity

USB/Ethernet ports enable easy communication for uploading and downloading process parameters, leveraging DataStream technology for streamlined process integration and management.

Engineered for Durability

An indirect drive system protects the spin motor from exposure to process chemicals and solvents, while vacuum and lid interlock mechanisms ensure safe operation. With industry-leading reliability and uptime, the Apogee Spin Developer is built to last.

Intuitive Full-Colour Interface

Ease of operation is paramount with the Apogee Spin Developer. A 7-inch full-colour touch screen display and an alphanumeric-capable graphical user interface (GUI) simplify the setup and execution of development recipes, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support

The commitment to your success is reflected in a 1-year full warranty, accompanied by free remote technical support (phone and/or email) for the life of the product, and application process assistance.


Dimensions: 13.25” W × 21” D × 16” H, with a machine weight of 40 lb (18.14 kg)

The Apogee 450 Spin Developer can also be inserted into the fully-customisable Cost Effective Equipment X-Pro II Workstation if you are looking for an integrated process station including spin coater(s) and/or bake plate(s).

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