Apogee 450 Spin Developer

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Unlock Precise Development with CEE® Spin Developers

When traditional tank immersion or batch processes fall short, the solution lies in single substrate spray developing. CEE® Spin Developers offer unparalleled control over liquid materials dispense, wafer rotation, and unlimited recipe steps, resulting in stable and repeatable pattern development.

Versatile in configuration, CEE Spin Developers can be customised for fan style top-spray or side-spray, as well as puddle dispense. This flexibility allows for the utilisation of multiple materials, including pre-wets, developer, rinse agents, solvents, and nitrogen blow-off, enhancing the drying process. These tools have become the go-to choice for demanding applications like leading edge photolithography, e-beam lithography, thick film MEMS and bio-medical processing, as well as photomasks and other exotic substrates.

To further enhance recipe control for critical processes, optional programmable exhaust management is available, providing an additional layer of precision.

When consistency and yield are paramount, CEE® Spin Developers deliver the performance and control you require. Experience the difference for yourself.

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