Apogee 450 Spin Coater

Cost Effective Equipment

The Cost Effective Equipment Apogee 450 Spin Coater for the semiconductor industry offers a multitude of benefits including a compact design that minimises its footprint, thus maximising workspace utilisation. It’s equipped with a full-colour, 7-inch touchscreen display for simplified user interaction, and a high-horsepower indirect drive system, the most powerful in its class, ensuring optimal performance. The Apogee 450 Spin Coater comes with an enhanced lid-lift assist feature that includes a gas spring, which opens to an angle of 45 degrees or more for ease of access. Its durable benchtop design also comes in a flange or deck mountable configuration, providing greater flexibility in installation. Integrated DataStreamâ„¢ technology allows for seamless data management, while the optional X-PRO workstation further expands its capabilities by integrating a stand-alone cabinet with an upper exhaust enclosure for efficient process fume control, making the Cost Effective Equipment Apogee 450 Spin Coater a comprehensive and versatile solution for the semiconductor industry.

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