Apogee Bake Plate

Cost Effective Equipment

The Cost Effective Equipment Apogee bake plate for the semiconductor industry offers a plethora of benefits including a compact design for a minimised footprint, thus optimising workspace. It features a full-colour, 7-inch touchscreen display for user-friendly operation, and an impressively durable benchtop design that is available in both a flange- or deck-mountable configuration, for flexibility in setup. The Cost Effective Equipment Apogee bake plate incorporates enhanced logging capabilities for accurate record keeping and troubleshooting. The cool touch exhausted hood provides safety by mitigating potential burns, while the Smart Pins offer programmable height control to ensure precise processing. With an adjustable exhaust gate, it facilitates improved ventilation control. Its incorporation of DataStreamâ„¢ technology ensures seamless data management and transfer, further solidifying the Cost Effective Equipment Apogee bake plate as a comprehensive, efficient solution in the semiconductor industry.

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