Apogee Temporary Wafer Bonder

Cost Effective Equipment

Boost your product development speed and reduce manufacturing expenses with the CEE Apogee™ Temporary Wafer Bonding System. Realise superior yield and productivity, all without the excessive costs and intricacy associated with complete automation.

The CEE® Apogee™ Temporary Wafer Bonder delivers top-tier temporary wafer bonding performance, negating the need for a complex, expensive track system. It promises void-free vacuum bonding with Total Thickness Variation (TTV) as minimal as 2µm, handling rates reaching 12 wafers per hour, and meticulous alignment between the device and carrier wafers. This makes the Apogee Bonder an internationally favoured solution for both small-scale manufacturing and global research and development laboratories.

Leveraging DataStream™ technology, the Apogee Temporary Wafer Bonder provides rigorous control over the bonding process parameters, including temperatures, bonding forces, and pressure ramp cycles. Additionally, its real-time network accessibility coupled with thorough logging of every substrate run equips you with valuable data to efficiently manage your processes and yield.

Designed with adaptability at its core, the Apogee Temporary Wafer Bonder evolves with your changing requirements, whether it’s managing different adhesive materials or varying wafer and carrier sizes. Its quick-change tooling feature facilitates switching between wafer sizes within minutes, while the dual heated, ultra-flat bonding surfaces are self-aligning, ensuring consistent TTV control for every wafer, day in and day out.

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