Mechanical Wafer Debonder

Cost Effective Equipment

Mechanical wafer debonding boasts unrivaled versatility. The Cost Effective Equipment Apogee™ Mechanical Wafer Debonder is the go-to solution, irrespective of whether your devices have a low thermal budget or if they necessitate a bonding adhesive resilient enough to endure high-temperature post-bond processing.

The CEE Apogee™ Mechanical Wafer Debonder is the latest advancement in debonding technology, designed for small-scale production as well as research and development purposes. By coordinating with suitable bonding adhesive materials, it operates by securing the device wafer onto a film frame against a flat surface and gently detaching the carrier using forces that are meticulously regulated.

Key benefits of this wafer debonder include the reduced strain on the device wafer, high processing speed, and the ability to operate at room temperature, which enables the use of high-temperature adhesives for post-bond processing. Unlike the solvent debond process, it sidesteps the issues of messy solvents and the loss of devices, as the device wafer remains affixed to the film frame throughout.

The debonding process is entirely automated and programmable, with the operator’s role mainly consisting of loading the bonded pairs and unloading the debonded device and carrier wafers. Like other tools from Cee®, the Apogee Mechanical Wafer Debonder provides track-system performance without the associated inconvenience, size, and expense. The integration of DataStream™ technology ensures real-time network access, as well as remote monitoring and logging of all crucial parameters.

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