Nanochrome IV Ion Beam Sputter Deposition


Nanochrome IV Ion Beam Sputter Deposition

The Intlvac Nanoquest Nanochrome IV is an advanced Ion Beam Sputter Deposition tool designed to provide exceptional thin film fabrication capabilities. With its ability to deposit on substrates up to 250mm in diameter, this versatile system brings premium, low particle PVD deposition capability to a wide range of applications. Whether configured for load lock or batch open to air substrate loading, the Nanochrome IV delivers precise and reliable results.

Superior Sputter Up Geometry

The Nanochrome IV employs a sputter up geometry, revolutionising thin film fabrication with premium deposition capability. It enables low-pressure sputtering of metals and dielectrics without the need for powered cathodes. Experience high-quality PVD deposition in a clean and controlled environment, ensuring low particle levels and superior coating properties.

Configurable for Various Loading Options

Whether you require load lock or batch open to air substrate loading, the Nanochrome IV can be customised to suit your specific needs. Benefit from efficient and convenient substrate handling, streamlining your fabrication process for enhanced productivity and ease of operation.

Multi-Target Carousel and High-Speed Substrate Stage

Equipped with a multi-target carousel, the Nanochrome IV enables versatile material selection and deposition options. The high-speed rotational substrate stage ensures precise and uniform coating distribution, providing consistent and reliable results across the substrate surface. Achieve optimal control over your thin film deposition processes.

Ion Assist Capability and QCM Instrumentation

The Nanochrome IV is designed to optimise thin film properties through ion assist capability. The system allows for precise ion beam assistance, enhancing film density and material properties. Additionally, integrated QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) instrumentation ensures accurate monitoring and control of deposition rates, facilitating precise thickness control and process optimization.

Dynamic Optical Control for Optical Applications

With dynamic optical control instrumentation, the Nanochrome IV is well-suited for optical applications. Achieve superior optical coatings with high density, low particle levels, and stable material properties. Experience precise control over thin film properties, ensuring excellent optical performance and reliability.

Unlock Precision Thin Film Fabrication

Step into the future of thin film fabrication with the Intlvac Nanoquest Nanochrome IV. Experience advanced Ion Beam Sputter Deposition capabilities, delivering high-quality coatings with low particle levels, smooth surfaces, and stable material properties. Upgrade to the Nanochrome IV and redefine what’s possible in thin film applications.

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