Nanoquest I Combo Ion Beam Sputter Deposition & Etch


Nanoquest I Combo Ion Beam Sputter Deposition & Etch

The Intlvac Nanoquest I Combo is a compact and versatile system that combines premium PVD deposition and full ion beam etch capabilities. Designed for thin film fabrication, this advanced tool enables deposition and etching on substrates up to 100mm in diameter. Experience exceptional performance and flexibility with the Nanoquest I Combo.

Superior PVD Deposition Capability

The Nanoquest I Combo excels in delivering premium PVD deposition for thin film fabrication. It employs a low-pressure ion beam sputtering process for metals and dielectrics without the need for powered cathodes. Enjoy high-quality coatings with excellent density, ensuring superior film integrity and material properties.

Multi-Target Carousel and Water-Cooled Stage

Equipped with a multi-target carousel, the Nanoquest I Combo provides versatility in material selection for deposition. This allows you to tailor the composition and properties of your films to meet specific requirements. The system incorporates a water-cooled, rotating, and angle-tilt substrate stage, enabling precise control over the deposition angle, rotation, and orientation. Achieve uniform and high-quality coatings across the substrate surface.

Full Ion Beam Etch Capability

In addition to deposition, the Nanoquest I Combo offers full ion beam etch capability. With its advanced etching capabilities, this system can planarize films and etch patterned wafers, providing comprehensive thin film fabrication capabilities in a single tool. Enjoy enhanced flexibility and efficiency in your fabrication processes.

Compact Design with Reputable Coatings

The Nanoquest I Combo is designed with compactness in mind, offering a space-saving solution for your thin film fabrication needs. While delivering the reputable high-quality coatings associated with Intlvac’s Nanoquest technology, this system ensures efficient use of valuable lab space without compromising performance.

Unlock Advanced Thin Film Fabrication

Step into the future of thin film fabrication with the Intlvac Nanoquest I Combo. Experience advanced Ion Beam Sputter Deposition and Etch capabilities in a compact design. Upgrade to the Nanoquest I Combo and redefine what’s possible in thin film applications, offering both premium PVD deposition and full ion beam etch capabilities in a single tool.

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