Nanoquest III Ion Beam Sputter Deposition


Nanoquest III Ion Beam Sputter Deposition

The Intlvac Nanoquest III (IBSD) is an advanced Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (IBSD) system designed for thin film fabrication. With its capability to deposit on substrates up to 200mm in diameter, this batch tool brings premium PVD deposition capability to a wide range of applications. Experience exceptional performance and high-quality coatings with the Nanoquest III (IBSD).

Superior PVD Deposition Capability

The Nanoquest III (IBSD) excels in delivering premium PVD deposition for thin film fabrication. It employs a low-pressure sputtering process for metals and dielectrics without the need for powered cathodes. Enjoy high-quality coatings with excellent density, low particle levels, smooth surfaces, and stable material properties.

Efficient Batch Processing

Designed as a batch tool, the Nanoquest III (IBSD) offers efficient processing for improved productivity. Process multiple substrates simultaneously, reducing overall fabrication time and increasing throughput. Benefit from consistent and reliable results with each batch, enhancing the efficiency of your thin film production.

Multi-Target Carousel and Planetary Double Rotation

Equipped with a multi-target carousel, the Nanoquest III Ion Beam Sputter Deposition (IBSD) tool provides versatility in material selection for deposition. The system incorporates planetary double rotation, ensuring uniform coating distribution across the substrate surface. Achieve precise control over film thickness and quality, meeting the exact requirements of your thin film applications.

Angle-Tilt Substrate Stage and Ion Assist Capability

The Nanoquest III (IBSD) features an angle-tilt substrate stage, enabling customisable deposition angles to achieve specific film properties. This flexibility allows for enhanced control over the deposition process, catering to a wide range of application needs. Additionally, the system is equipped with ion assist capability, optimising film density and improving material properties for superior thin film performance.

High-Density Coatings with Low Particles

Experience high-density coatings with low particle levels, a key characteristic of the Nanoquest III (IBSD). Enjoy the benefits of smooth and stable material properties, resulting in enhanced film integrity and performance. With superior coating quality, the Nanoquest III (IBSD) ensures optimal thin film functionality.

Unlock Advanced Thin Film Deposition

Step into the future of thin film fabrication with the Intlvac Nanoquest III (IBSD). Experience advanced Ion Beam Sputter Deposition capabilities, delivering high-quality coatings with excellent density, low particle levels, and stable material properties. Upgrade to the Nanoquest III (IBSD) and redefine what’s possible in thin film applications.

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