ChemHeat Chemical Heater

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ChemHeat Chemical Heater

The ChemHeat Chemical Heater is the latest innovation from Process Technology, tailored for wet-process chemistries. This small-footprint heater is not just a component; it’s a leap forward in heating technology. Designed to meet the advanced Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) requirements, ChemHeat is a paradigm of precision, safety, and reliability.

All-Fluoropolymer Flow Path

Featuring a PTFE flow path, the ChemHeat Chemical Heater uses all fluoropolymer (PTFE) wetted materials, ensuring utmost purity and chemical compatibility.

O-Ringless Sealing Design

The innovative o-ringless sealing ensures leak-proof performance, enhancing safety and reliability for this chemical heater.

Breach Detection Capability

Stay ahead with the ability to detect any breach in the fluid path, ensuring the integrity of your process and safety at all times.

Versatile Application

Ideal for all non-flammable chemistries, the ChemHeat Chemical Heater performs flawlessly in both single pass and recirculating flow applications.

Compact and Retrofit-Friendly

Engineered to fit seamlessly into existing environments, it’s perfect for easy retrofitting into existing tools, making integration effortless.

Rapid Heat-Up

Experience fast heat-up times for efficient process flow and reduced downtime.

Clean Room Assembled

Assembled in a clean room environment to guarantee purity from the very beginning.

Economical Operation

ChemHeat not only offers fast heating but also reduces chemistry costs due to its efficient design.

Precise Temperature Control

Precision in temperature control means consistency and quality in your end results.

Internal Grounding

The internal grounding system is designed away from the chemical fluid path, enhancing safety and longevity.

Lower Surface Temperatures

Designed to operate at lower surface temperatures, extending the life of the heater.

Patented Purge Protection

The extended life of the heater is further assured by the patented purge protection feature.


Acid, Water & Bases


Up to 475 kPa (69 PSI) at 95°C (203ºF)


2kW to 6kW


120 to 480 volts, Single phase or 3 phase

Specialist Applications

  • Semiconductor Wet Processes
  • Filtration
    • Optimal for various filtration applications, providing reliable and consistent heating.
  • Sterilisation/Cleaning
    • Ideal for sterilisation and cleaning processes, where controlled heating is crucial.
  • Surface Finishing
    • Enhances surface finishing procedures with its precise temperature.

The ChemHeat Chemical Heater from Process Technology is a testament to innovation and precision engineering. It stands as an ideal solution for industries seeking best-in-class heating performance with a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency. Embrace the future of chemical heating with ChemHeat – where advanced technology meets compact design and cost-efficiency.

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