Water & Chemical Heaters

Heaters used to heat water and chemicals are specialised devices designed for controlled and uniform heating of various substances in laboratories, industrial processes, and research settings. These chemical and water heaters ensure precise temperature control and stability, allowing for safe and accurate manipulation of chemicals. The need for such heaters arises from the fact that many chemical reactions and processes are sensitive to temperature and require specific conditions to proceed efficiently.

Several types of heaters are available for heating chemicals, including hot plates, heating mantles, oil baths, water baths, and sand baths. Each type has its advantages and application areas, depending on factors such as the required temperature range, chemical compatibility, and the nature of the container holding the chemicals.

Safety features, such as over-temperature protection and chemical-resistant materials, are often incorporated in these heaters to prevent accidents and damage. Proper use of chemical heaters is crucial, as uncontrolled heating can lead to hazardous situations, including chemical spills, fires, or explosions. In many cases, temperature controllers and monitors are used in conjunction with these heaters to ensure the desired temperature is maintained throughout the process.

Water Heater Products