SHX Inline Solvent Heater

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SHX Inline Solvent Heater

The SHX Inline Solvent Heater from Process Technology is an unparalleled advancement in the world of ultra-high purity heaters. Expertly engineered to safely heat IPA and low flash-point solvents, the SHX series meets the most stringent cleanliness requirements essential for supporting next-generation semiconductor node technologies. Ideal for both recirculating and single-pass flow systems, these compact, low-mass heaters are the embodiment of fast heat-up and rapid responsiveness to flow changes. SHX represents the pinnacle of ultra-high purity solvent heating, with explosion-proof (EX) versions also available.

Safe and Indirect Heating

The indirect heating design isolates the heating element from the fluid path, enabling safe heating of flammable chemistries. Low watt density prevents localized hot spots, allowing IPA to be safely heated to near boiling temperatures without gas generation.

Precision Temperature Control

The low-mass construction ensures a rapid initial heat-up, minimal temperature overshoot, and a swift response to changes in flow, providing precise and stable temperature control.

Ultra-High Purity Design

The SHX heater’s chemistry is contained within high-purity PTFE components, ensuring no contact with metals and eliminating sources of contamination. The absence of wetted o-ring seals further reinforces its purity.

Class 100 Clean Room Assembly

Each unit is meticulously assembled in a Class 100 Clean Room, guaranteeing the highest standards of cleanliness and purity from the outset.

Certified Safety Standards

All standard versions of the SHX are certified to UL499 (ETL), CE, and are pending SEMI S2/S3 certifications, ensuring compliance with global safety standards.

Advanced Notification System

A unique purge design in the SHX offers early warning in the unlikely event of a breach in the fluid path, enhancing overall safety.




Up to 475 kPa (69 PSI)


3kW, 6kW, 9kW & 12 kW


200 to 480 volts, single or three phase

Temperature Limit

Up to 194º F (90º C)

Specialised Application

  • Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
    • Specifically designed for semiconductor wafer cleaning processes, the SHX heater provides reliable, ultra-pure heating essential for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

The SHX Inline Solvent Heater by Process Technology stands at the forefront of solvent heating technology. It embodies a blend of innovation, safety, and precision, specifically geared towards meeting the needs of the semiconductor industry. With its advanced design, compact form, and ultra-high purity heating capabilities, the SHX Solvent Heater is an indispensable asset for semiconductor wafer cleaning and other critical applications requiring the utmost in solvent heating performance. Choose SHX for a future-proof solution in high-purity solvent heating.

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