Tytan Water Heater

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Tytan Water Heater

The Process Technology Tytan Water Heater is a safe, reliable, and compact turn-key system that is engineered with precision, employing commercially-pure titanium heating elements for a performance that’s both exceptionally clean and free from corrosion. Whether your needs encompass single pass or recirculating flow demands, the Tytan Water Heater’s versatility shines across diverse precision water heating applications

Instantaneous Heating

Benefit from ultra-fast heat-up times combined with unparalleled temperature stability for any application.

PID Temperature Control

This advanced feature ensures a precise and stable temperature, resulting in improved process consistency and minimised temperature fluctuations, even with flow rate changes.

Titanium Excellence

Crafted with commercially-pure titanium, the Tytan ensures corrosion-free, clean operations, enhancing its lifespan and maintaining the purity of its output. Plus, it’s perfectly compatible with seawater.

Compact Turn-Key System

With a design focused on efficiency and space conservation, the Tytan is quick and easy to install and integrates seamlessly into various environments, with only mains power and plumbing required.

Low Maintenance

Engineered for durability and hassle-free operations, the Tytan Water Heater demands minimal upkeep, letting you focus on what’s essential.

Versatile Flow Compatibility

Whether your demands include single pass or recirculating flow, the Tytan adapts seamlessly, ensuring consistent heating.




Up to 689 kPa


12,000 to 144,000


240 to 480, Three phase standard, single phase (optional)

Temperature Limit

Up to 365°F (185°C)

Wide-Ranging Applications

  • Solar/Photovoltaic Wafer & Flat Panel Display Rinsing

    • Optimal rinsing enabled by consistent heating.
  • Medical Device Cleaning & Sanitising

    • Tailored for ultrasonic cleaning processes to ensure top-tier sanitation.
  • RO/DI Water Treatment

    • Precision heating that elevates filtration processes.
  • Batch Mixing

    • Guarantee uniformity in every mix.
  • Aquaculture

    • Serving a broad spectrum from fresh and seawater aquaria exhibits to hatcheries and dedicated research facilities.
  • Potable Water Heating

    • Reliable and safe heating for potable water demands.

Described as the “safest and most reliable industrial water heater on the market”, the Tytan Water Heater by Process Technology isn’t just a product; it’s a promise of unmatched efficiency, reliability, and safety.

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