SHB/SHC Chemical/Solvent Heater

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SHB/SHC Inline Chemical/Solvent Heaters

Process Technology introduces the SHB/SHC series – a line of inline chemical/solvent heaters that epitomise efficiency, safety, and precision. These low wattage heaters are specifically designed to provide superior indirect heating with exceptional temperature stability. Equipped with multiple temperature sensors and self-limiting technology, the SHB/SHC heaters ensure safe operation, particularly during low or no-flow conditions, making them ideal for critical applications like semiconductor wafer cleaning, etching, and inline chemical heating.

Engineered for Optimal Safety

The Process Technology SHB/SHC Inline Chemical/Solvent Heaters are optimised to heat chemicals and flammable solvents safely through indirect contact. Redundant temperature sensors and PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) self-limiting heating technology are standard features, ensuring a high degree of operational safety.

Advanced Cleanliness

Designed with an o-ring free and crevice free construction, these heaters effectively eliminate sources of contamination. The SHB series utilises electropolished 316SS for solvent applications, while the SHC series features PTFE & PFA wetted surfaces, ideal for acids and solvents.

Designed for High Performance

These inline chemical & solvent heaters allow for precise and stable temperature control. The low watt density design ensures lower surface temperatures, contributing to safer and more efficient heating.


Acids, Water, Bases & Solvents


Up to 1,379 kPa (200 PSI)


250W to 2,000W


120 to 480 volts, Single phase

Specialised Applications

  • Inline Chemical Heating
    • Tailored for the semiconductor industry, the SHB/SHC Inline Chemical/Solvent Heaters provide the precision and purity required for wafer cleaning processes.
  • Etching
    • Ideal for etching applications where controlled temperature and chemical purity are crucial.
  • Inline Chemical Heating
    • Versatile and robust, these heaters are well-suited for various inline chemical heating processes, ensuring consistency and safety.

The SHB/SHC Inline Chemical/Solvent Heater series by Process Technology represents a blend of technological innovation and practical design. Suited for industries where precision, safety, and cleanliness are paramount, these heaters stand as a testament to Process Technology’s commitment to quality and performance. Embrace the SHB/SHC series for your semiconductor wafer cleaning, etching, or inline chemical heating needs, and experience a new standard in heating excellence.

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