HCQ Quartz Chemical Heater

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HCQ Quartz Inline Chemical Heater

Meet the HCQ Quartz Inline Chemical Heater from Process Technology, an exemplary model of efficiency and cleanliness in chemical heating. Designed to blend into space-limited environments without compromising on quality, this heater is a quintessence of ultrapure, high-purity innovation with its 100% quartz construction. Tailored for semiconductor wafer cleaning, it stands as an unparalleled solution in the industry.

Outstanding Cleanliness

Crafted from 100% high-purity quartz, the HCQ Quartz Chemical Heater ensures no ionic or bacterial contamination, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

Easy and Quick Maintenance

The plug-in heater element can be replaced swiftly within minutes, with fluid connections remaining intact, thus minimising downtime and eliminating the need for system re-qualification.

Enhanced Reliability

Features a patented purge cooling system that significantly extends the life of the heater element, surpassing conventional designs in longevity.

Low Cost of Ownership

The field-replaceable heating element does not disturb plumbing connections or compromise the chemistry’s integrity, ensuring a low overall cost of ownership.

Secondary Containment

A PTFE housing acts as a maintenance-free secondary containment vessel, offering environmental protection against chemical spills.

Exceptional Responsiveness

Equipped with halogen lamps, the heater provides instantaneous start-up and rapid response, maintaining excellent temperature stability even under varying flow rates.

No O-Rings

The design eliminates potential process contamination from O-rings, ensuring leak-free operation.

No Dead Zones

A tangential flow pattern eradicates stagnant zones within the heater. It is self-draining and self-venting when properly installed, enhancing efficiency.

Low Pressure Drop

Engineered for minimal pressure drop, the HCQ Quartz Chemical Heater is ideal for high-circulation applications, ensuring smooth and consistent operation.


Up to 345 kPa (50 PSI)


0.75 to 12kw


208 to 480 volts, single or three phase

Temperature Limit

Up to 365°F (185°C)

Specialised Applications

  • Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
    • The HCQ Quartz Inline Heater is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor wafer cleaning, providing precise, clean, and efficient heating.

The HCQ Quartz Inline Chemical Heater by Process Technology is not just a heater; it’s a sophisticated solution crafted for the semiconductor industry’s specific needs. With its combination of purity, efficiency, and innovative design, it represents a significant advancement in chemical heating technology. Choose the HCQ for your semiconductor wafer cleaning processes and experience a new level of cleanliness and efficiency.

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