Reticle & Wafer Handling & Automation

Wafer handling and automation equipment are indispensable components of the semiconductor industry, streamlining and optimising the complex manufacturing processes involved in producing semiconductor devices. These advanced systems ensure precision, speed, and efficiency in the production of integrated circuits, memory chips, and other semiconductor components, while minimising human error, contamination, and production downtime.

The semiconductor manufacturing process involves numerous intricate steps, such as wafer & reticle handling, photolithography, etching, deposition, and inspection, which require precise control and coordination. Handling and automation equipment, including robotic arms, automated material handling systems (AMHS), wafer sorters, and automated test equipment (ATE), enable seamless integration of these processes and improve overall productivity.

Automation equipment is designed to operate within cleanroom environments, adhering to strict cleanliness standards to prevent contamination, which can negatively impact the performance and yield of semiconductor devices. These systems also enhance safety by reducing human contact with hazardous materials, high-voltage equipment, and other potential risks associated with semiconductor manufacturing.

Investment in handling and automation equipment is essential for the semiconductor industry to meet the growing demand for high-performance devices, reduce production costs, and maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving technological landscape.