Wet Processing

Wet processing products and equipment are essential components in the semiconductor industry, facilitating various critical manufacturing steps, such as cleaning, etching, and developing photoresist layers. These processes involve the use of liquid chemicals and precise control of temperature, concentration, and agitation to achieve desired results, ultimately contributing to the production of high-quality electronic devices.

Key wet processing products and equipment used in the semiconductor industry include wet benches, chemical baths, spin processors, and rinse systems. Wet benches provide a dedicated work area for manual or automated wet processing, ensuring a clean and controlled environment. Chemical baths are used for immersion processes, such as etching or cleaning, where the substrate is submerged in a specific chemical solution.

Spin processors are employed for spin coating and developing photoresist layers, offering precise control over film thickness and uniformity. Rinse systems, on the other hand, play a critical role in removing residual chemicals and particles from substrates after processing, ensuring the cleanliness and quality of the wafer surface.

Wet processing products and equipment are integral to the semiconductor industry, as they enable the execution of critical manufacturing steps that impact device performance and yield. By utilising advanced wet processing solutions, semiconductor manufacturers can continue to drive innovation and produce increasingly powerful electronic devices for the global market.

Wet Processing Produts