Founded in 1979 in Silicon Valley, USA, Fortrend has served as an innovative original equipment manufacturer for the Semiconductor and PV industries. For over thirty five years Fortrend products have become the crucial automation connections among different processing equipment.

Fortrend continues to develop its innovative automation technology for extensive use in the semiconductor industry. Fortrend is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automated SMIF handling equipment and its SCARA robots.


Vacuum and Convection Ovens

FLO-10C-12W Thermal Chamber

The SunRay FLO-10C-12W Thermal Chamber is a high
performance ISO Class 4 Cleanliness oven for wafers up to 300mm and temperatures up to 250C ideal for applications such as;
  • Moisture removal
  • Re-flow
  • Single layer thermal processing
With its proprietary multi-zone coordinated heating control technology, the temperature uniformity is better than ± 3.5°C under wide operation temperature with gas consumption programmable from 0 to 50 litre per minutes.
Its superior ISO Class 4 cleanness is suitable for baking processes of semiconductor wafers, MEMS, LED and touch panels.
FLO-10C-12W Thermal chamber
Wafer Baking Oven System SIO-300-200-2

Wafer Baking Oven System SIO-300-200-2

The Oven system has integrated mini-environment, 300mm
load ports, wafer robot, cassette robot, YES series oven and control unit
200mm cassette manual/auto load available
Fully automatic
Temperature Range: Ambient~250 degree C
Uniformity: ± 3 degree
Cleanness of System: Class 1
Cleanness of Oven: Class 10
N2 bake oven

High Temperature Vacuum Cure Oven SIO-300-450-1 and SIO-300-450-2( dual chamber)

Fortrend-YES have partnered to develop the SIO-300-450 series of High temperature, Air cooled, Controlled process gas composition, Laminar cross flow, Vertical, vacuum ovens

Process capabilities are;
  • Polyimide Cure
  • BCB cure
  • Photoresist Cure
  • Copper Anneal
  • Copper Oxide Removal
Up to 300mm capacity of wafer 50 each chamber
200mm Wafer auto load available Continuous horizontal lamina flow of N2
Low O2 < 10 ppm
Process temperature range 150~450 °C
Temperature uniformity better than ± 3.5 °C
Maximum heating ramp 8°C/min, and cooling 6°C/min (depends on chamber temperature)
N2 pre-heating
High Temperature Vacuum Cure Oven SIO-300-450-1 and SIO-300-450-2( dual chamber)

Reticle Storage and Handling Systems

eRack and N2/XCDA Charger

Fortrend’s eRack integrated low cost storage solution with ID tracking systems
Supports RF ID, IR and BCR/OCR reader/writer
N2/XCDA Charger protects wafers from oxidation and masks from pollution ( low humidity, low O2, Low NH3+)

Lamina-II series EFEM/Sorter

Fully automated reticle transfer systems Better than ISO Class 2 cleanliness
SEMI E78 ESD “Level 1” standard
Load port options: 150mm and 200mm RSP,
ASML, Nikon, Cannon, HOYA, Toppan, DNP,
TMC, ShinEtsu, DMS, and more
Other options: BCR/OCR reader, IR, RFID reader/writer, Turntable, SECS/GEM Interface

POS 200 - 200mm Reticle SMIF Pod Opener

Fortrend POS-200R is a simple, reliable pod opener designed to open 200mm Reticle SMIF pods by lifting the shell. After Pod Shell lift, operator can pick Reticle out.
Optional SECS/GEM
Barcode reader for Mask ID reading (Optional)
Comparison of Pod ID and Mask ID (Option)

PLM-200 EUV Pod Opener

ISO Class 1 cleanliness with active self-clean air flow design.
Opens Standard E100 RSP and EUV E152 Outer Pods Door
Mounts directly into a process tool or to a manual load port adaptor to convert open station to a
SMIF compatible station.
Optional RFID reader/writer

Reticle Shipping box Openers.

Models available to open Pozzetta, Entegris,
Toppan, IBM Blue and DMS type Clam shell type shipping Boxes.
Also Nikon and Canon reticle cartridge openers,
DMS bare mask cartridge openers and lift lid box openers.
All with modular design for easy integration and servicing.
ISO Class 1 cleanliness.
eRack and N2 XCDA charger
Lamina -200 EUV Series Sorters
PLM 200 EUV Pod Opener
Reticle shipping box openers

Handling and Automation

Mass wafer transfer systems

4”, 5” 6”, 8” and 12” - Small foot print Cassette to Cassette and Back to Back batch wafer transfers
One, two, three and four stage systems
Class 1 compatible: <0.1 PWP @ 0.16 microns CE/S2/S8
Options: Boat Inserts, Integrated Notch Finder and Flat Finder, Counter, Vespel Contact Points,
Temperature Sensor, Ionizer, Lexan Side Covers with ESD Coating, Foot Switch, Key Switch,
Green LED, EMO
Applications: Furnace, wet bench, CMP, ion implantation, metrology

PLUS 500 pod load/unload systems

Retrofit Open-Cassette Tools to SMIF.
Five diverse PLUS models to meet all SMIF retrofit requirements.
Better than Class-1 cleanliness. Worldwide installations.
S2/S8/CE certified.
All tool designs meet SEMI E-15 SMIF load port interface standards

Sorters and EFEMs

200-300 mm wafer sorters and EFEMs designed for a wide variety of applications including thin and ultra-thin wafer handling.
Options include custom end –effectors, dual or single arm Scara robots, flip arm robotics, integrated mapping, pre-aligners, OCR reader and bright light inspection.

InforTrac® Hardware Solutions for Lot ID Tracking System.

Supports 134 kHz and 13.56 MHz RFID Technology
Integrated IR Reader/Writer
Automatic tag detection
Supports SmartTag Protocols
Serial and SECS I/II protocols
Support multiple antennas with one reader/writer

LMS Lot Management System.

LMS is a software system integrating electrically connected racks, RFID lot ID tracking hardware, local area networking database and production information in one connected system.
Mass Wafer Transfer systems
PLUS 500 pod load unload systems
Sorters and EFEMS
LMS lot management system

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