Thermal Processing

RCH Associates specializes in new LPCVD/Diffusion systems as well as replacement OEM gas systems (Thermco, Bruce, Tempress, ACS, etc.) fully retrofittable into existing or remanufactured source cabinets. RCH’s portfolio of products and capabilities extends from basic Bench Top Furnaces or Research Grade systems to high production, full capability horizontal stacks.

Diffusion Furnaces

Furnace Processing Systems

Diffusion, Oxidation and LPCVD furnace processing systems for semiconductor and solar applications.
Furnace Processing Systems
ASTRA Control System

ASTRA Control System

RCH Associates’ flagship product that provides total programming, operation and data management of diffusion and LPCVD furnace processing systems. Provides full computer power per tube-level with graphical, touch screen program access.

Gas Systems and Liquid Source Delivery Systems

Gas systems and liquid source delivery systems for diffusion and LPCVD processing.
Custom fabrication and assembly for specialized applications.
Gas Systems and Liquid Source Delivery Systems
Load Stations and Loading Systems

Load Stations and Loading Systems

Clean room load stations.
Paddle and twin rod cantilever loading systems, push/pullers and auto lifters.

Source Gas Cabinets and Source/Vacuum Pump Cabinets

Fully facilitated gas source cabinets configured for atmospheric or LPCVD processes.
Stand-alone or stacked pump cabinets with vacuum pump and control systems.
Source Gas Cabinets and Source/Vacuum Pump Cabinets
VAF - Vacuum Annealing Furnace System

VAF - Vacuum Annealing Furnace System

Specialized vacuum furnace system for thin film thermal processing of wafers and substrates that are sensitive to oxidation.
Applicable to metallization anneal/alloy and anneal of antireflective solar cell coatings and other materials.

Retrofits and Components

Atmospheric and LPCVD processing systems retrofittable to most existing and new furnace system. “Fast Flange” assemblies, elements and gas systems. Quartz and silicon carbide components. Replacement and spare parts.
Retrofits and Components

DS Fibertech Corporation is a recognized leader in Applied Thermal Technology with over 50 years of combined experience and is a global OEM supplier of custom equipment and component designs. We offer the following products and services;

Electric Furnace Systems which operate in Air or Inert Gas to 3000 F (1650˚C)

  • Heating chambers for :
    • Wafer Processing Furnaces
    • Muffle Furnaces
    • Industrial Processing
  • Ceramic Vacuum Formed Fibrous Components including:
    • Heating Elements
    • Custom Shapers
  • High Temperature Gaskets & Seals for door jams, pillows etc.
  • Foundry service: We offer a complete line of heating and insulation products
DS Fibertech Corporation

Furnace Elements and Insulation Products

Electric Furnace Systems which operate in Air or Inert Gas to 3000 F.
Heating Chambers for

Heating Chambers for:

Wafer Processing Furnaces
Solar Furnaces
Muffle Furnaces
Custom laboratory and Industrial Processing
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Testing

Semiconductor Diffusion Heater Element Refurbishment

For OEM elements including; Tokyo Electron (TEL), Hitachi Kokusai, Axcelis, Silicon Valley Group (SVG) and various other oem models.

Each rebuilt diffusion heater element is carefully reverse engineered to assure exact replication of the original diffusion heater. Element
components are the same as used by the OEM. Refurbished elements will have the dimensional, electrical, and operating characteristics of the original OEM.
Semiconductor Diffusion Heater Element Refurbishment
Ceramic Vacuum Formed Fibrous Components including

Ceramic Vacuum Formed Fibrous Components including:

Heating Elements and Custom Shapes
High Temperature Gaskets & Seals for door jams, pillows etc.
Vestibule Blocks
Foundry Service for a complete line of heating and insulation products

Torch Elements

DS Fibertech offers both high and low flow torch elements with an improved design allowing for greater radiant energy pass through. They offer an extensive line of replacement torches for most major brands.
Including SVG Thermco, TEL & Novus
Torch Elements

Founded in 1979 in Silicon Valley, USA, Fortrend has served as an innovative original equipment manufacturer for the Semiconductor and PV industries. For over thirty five years Fortrend products have become the crucial automation connections among different processing equipment.

Fortrend continues to develop its innovative automation technology for extensive use in the semiconductor industry. Fortrend is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automated SMIF handling equipment and its SCARA robots.


Vacuum and Convection Ovens

FLO-10C-12W Thermal Chamber

The SunRay FLO-10C-12W Thermal Chamber is a high
performance ISO Class 4 Cleanliness oven for wafers up to 300mm and temperatures up to 250C ideal for applications such as;
  • Moisture removal
  • Re-flow
  • Single layer thermal processing
With its proprietary multi-zone coordinated heating control technology, the temperature uniformity is better than ± 3.5°C under wide operation temperature with gas consumption programmable from 0 to 50 litre per minutes.
Its superior ISO Class 4 cleanness is suitable for baking processes of semiconductor wafers, MEMS, LED and touch panels.
FLO-10C-12W Thermal Chamber
Wafer Baking Oven System SIO-300-200-2

Wafer Baking Oven System SIO-300-200-2

The Oven system has integrated mini-environment, 300mm
load ports, wafer robot, cassette robot, YES series oven and control unit
200mm cassette manual/auto load available
Fully automatic
Temperature Range: Ambient~250 degree C
Uniformity: ± 3 degree
Cleanness of System: Class 1
Cleanness of Oven: Class 10
N2 bake oven

High Temperature Vacuum Cure Oven SIO-300-450-1 and SIO-300-450-2( dual chamber)

Fortrend-YES have partnered to develop the SIO-300-450 series of High temperature, Air cooled, Controlled process gas composition, Laminar cross flow, Vertical, vacuum ovens

Process capabilities are;
  • Polyimide Cure
  • BCB cure
  • Photoresist Cure
  • Copper Anneal
  • Copper Oxide Removal
Up to 300mm capacity of wafer 50 each chamber
200mm Wafer auto load available Continuous horizontal lamina flow of N2
Low O2 < 10 ppm
Process temperature range 150~450 °C
Temperature uniformity better than ± 3.5 °C
Maximum heating ramp 8°C/min, and cooling 6°C/min (depends on chamber temperature)
N2 pre-heating
High Temperature Vacuum Cure Oven SIO-300-450-1 and SIO-300-450-2( dual chamber)
Vulcan, formed in 1927, are one of only a few manufacturers with a full complement of metal-sheathed heaters, temperature sensors, temperature control products and precision calibration services. Many of their temperature measurement products are engineered into equipment at the world's leading semiconductor companies. Other areas of temperature sensor expertise include ultra-high temperature materials processes and other advanced metallurgical applications. Their Flexible Interconnect solutions include a broad range of capabilities in flexible circuits, flexible wiring harnesses, and electrical testing services.

Thermocouples, RTD’s and Sensors

Semiconductor Fab

Vulcan ElectricThermocouples are high-precision temperature sensor constructions designed and manufactured primarily for the Semiconductor, Solar and LED industries. These thermocouples were engineered to address the critical process temperature measurement and control required for those industries.
Semiconductor Fab
Vacuum Process Sensors

Vacuum Process Sensors

The Vacuum Process Line of temperature sensors using the latest seal fitting technologies that can be designed to seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 30,000 psi (2067 bars) and designed for durability and reliability

Ultra-High Temp Probes

UHT Thermocouples are designed for extreme temperature, time and cycling. Our complete selection of thermocouple materials with superior performance characteristics and quality offer the
most advanced line of temperature sensors for extreme process applications.
Ultra-High Temp Probes
General Purpose RTD Probes

General Purpose RTD Probes

Thermistors are ideal for temperature measurement where high sensitivity is required.
These sensing probes are inherently more accurate than a thermocouple over a narrow temperature range and are often used where high temperature capability is not required.

Other product lines available;

Heat and trace surface sensors
Bendable tube thermocouples
General purpose thermocouple probes.
Other product lines available

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