Benchtop Furnace

Founded in 1979 in Silicon Valley, USA, Fortrend has served as an innovative original equipment manufacturer for the Semiconductor and PV industries. For over thirty five years Fortrend products have become the crucial automation connections among different processing equipment.

Fortrend continues to develop its innovative automation technology for extensive use in the semiconductor industry. Fortrend is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automated SMIF handling equipment and its SCARA robots.


The Little Green Furnace (LGF)

The LGF has an 8” flat zone, and a boat loader mechanism that is contained in the furnace cabinet, making the unit very compact.

The LGF, together with its ICCI controller and GMI Host, offers the best software package available.

LGF offers great performance – fast heat up cooldown, and good temperature uniformity because of 5-zone top-to bottom design.

The LGF is specifically designed to allow users to change quartz components quickly and easily, useful for labs that need to process incompatible materials.

And since the furnace is small, the quartz is much less expensive than conventional furnaces.


Furnace Size: 41”x32”x24” (door closed), 65”x32”x24” (door open).

Boat loader: Cantilever style, servomotor driven. Speed adjustable from 2” to 30” per minute.

Heat-up rate: up to 50° C per minute.

Cool-down rate: 15° C per minute (1000 oC to 500 oC).

Maximum Temperature: 1200° C.

Wafer Size: Up to 150 mm standard.

Wafer Load: 25 

Thermocouples: 5-zone spike and profile. All TC’s included

Over temperature protection: 3-zone, with manually settable overtemp limits, and digital display.

Temperature stability: +/- 2 o C over a 24-hour period.

Processes: Configurable for thermal oxidation, diffusion, annealing, LPCVD, etc. Up to 3 MFC’s, valves, etc. housed in gas cabinet within footprint shown above.
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